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Timber-clad farm cabin with accompanying farm stay in Gloucestershire

This project is the third Ayr cabin on the Gloucestershire plot

Approaching Fred and Steph’s farm cabin and their nearby farm stay, it is without doubt that the three cabins are united. This common purpose is precisely what the family aimed to bring about when balancing their businesses, enabling them to offer accommodation to paying guests, and to sell produce from their farm directly to the public. See more of our Fred and Steph’s farm stay business here and here.

Fred and Steph did not have to look hard to find a site to build on. They run Whittington Lodge Farm, based in approximately 700 acres of the Cotswold countryside. As well as the two-cabin timber-clad farm stay, Ayr built a close-by farm cabin from which the couple could manage their businesses, comprising a shop floor and office space, in addition to storage for their produce.

The two-cabin timber-clad farm stay

What the farm stay cabins lack in space, they make up for in style. Fred and Steph spared no luxury in getting them off the ground, including bathrooms with plenty of natural light. Large picture windows that look out from the living areas even allow the kitchens to have some natural light.​​​​​​​​

Taking inspiration from the two-tone agricultural barn that stands next door, the farm cabin is clad in black pre-finished timber and contrasting ThermoWood. The project incorporates features that are typical of the farm cabin: tall cabinets with high shelves that are the perfect fit for the compact footprint, and a sink that helps Fred and Steph to deal directly with their customers, even when preparing produce.​​​​​

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