With working from home soaring, you may be thinking about how to adapt and utilise your space to better your work/life balance, as well as perhaps thinking about reverting to working from home permanently to enhance your wellbeing.

It may be that you're a business owner looking to re-evaluate your office culture or simply wishing to find a solution to a more cost effective and flexible workplace.

Whatever your reason, we will have a cabin that will be unique to you, with carefully considered design and a space like no other. Wave goodbye to the stresses and strains of the manic commutes and say hello to an enriched lifestyle.

The market for home offices and garden studios has rocketed since early last year with the onset of Coronavirus.

As we know, over the last year a large percentage of the population have had to take to working from home leading to a force in technological advances and changes in organisational cultures where working from home is now becoming something of the norm. Apparently around 26% of people will look to continue working from home regardless of Coronavirus, and companies are now looking to revert to home working for their employees altogether due to the benefits to both business and employee.

One of the biggest benefits to working from home is the absence of the dreaded commute. Clocking in at 59 minutes for the average daily commute time in the UK, it means that those working from home will save nearly five hours a week. Being not only a benefit to us as humans, it is also a benefit to our environment. Approximately 54 million tonnes of greenhouse gas could be saved (that’s equivalent to taking 10 million cars off the road!) if those with remote-allowable jobs worked from home just half of the time,

With the latest news this week that we are unfortunately back into lockdown 3.0 with schools closed, people are looking to optimize the space they have at home now more than ever in order to juggle home schooling as well as their own work.

Aside from the benefits of home working, many have reported that they have struggled to switch off from work and defining their working day – it’s all just become a bit of a blur right now, with one day rolling into the next. Having a much-needed separate space to focus and switch off is crucial to maintaining the work/life balance.

Ayr creates unique spaces to separate work life from home life, yet close enough to dip back in when needed, especially when trying to juggle childcare, meaning the working week doesn't have to be so tough on us. With no manic commute, it gives us more time to spend focusing on what's most significant to us. Valuable time spent enhancing our wellbeing has never been so important.

With an increase in home working, we have been inundated with enquiries for cabins to act as either offices alone, or multi-functioning spaces to switch between work and leisure.

Click here to view some of our office cabins.

Aside from a personal desire for a home cabin, we have also had many business owners enquire about creating cabins not only for them privately at home, but for their business and employees. In light of the current pandemic, with a strong focus on improving our mental health, many are looking to carry this ethos into their workplaces.

With our recent addition of commercial finance options to lease your cabin, we're able to provide business owners with numerous benefits. From being 100% allowable on corporation tax, to preserving your cash flow and improving budgeting, you can simultaneously expand space and increase value of your property. A huge plus is that a financed cabin could be significantly less than paying a third-party rent, rates and service charges, as well as saving on commute time and travel expenses.

As a guide, you could be looking at these sorts of monthly figures depending on the specification and size of your cabin...

We work with WestWon to provide you with a range of finance options for your cabin; whether you are an established business or a start-up, there will be a solution tailored for you.

With carefully considered design, our cabins truly are special spaces which don't have to be just an office. A multi-functioning space is what many yearn for - both a place to focus and zone out, and a place to relax and reflect. A cabin could be an essential working space in the week, but come the weekend, a place for family and friends to share adventures.

2020 may not have been the best year, but it certainly has taught us a lot and allowed us to find new value in life's small moments.

We've appreciated togetherness so much more and reached out more to others. It's given us a lot of time to pause and reflect to realise what we really want out of life. By allowing us to slow down and find purpose, we've realised that taking time out for ourselves is actually allowed and is what's most important to a balanced lifestyle.

Working from home allows us to take advantage of this and to form stronger ties with ourselves and those most important to us. With an overwhelming inbox of enquiries for home office cabins, we can certainly see how many are doing exactly that - we can't wait to help you create beautiful spaces to embrace and enjoy these new-found appreciations, a positive to come out of this horrible time.

We would love to hear from you - if you would like to know more, please do get in touch.

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